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My Datsun 510 is a work in progress. I was into Datsun's the day after I was born and this was the car literally rode in. So my interest in cars recently came about when I saw our family's old 510 rusting in a field for the past 25 years, until 2009 when I decided to take it on as my restoration project. Thought I'd start this blog about just different stuff that interests me (not just cars but hobbies too). This car is not for sale nor will it ever be for sale. *If your car is featured here against your wishes or you see incorrect information, please contact me at classicdatsuns@gmail.com , and I will make any necessary changes. Have fun viewing. I am not affiliated with any sponsors, company, or body shop. I'm just a dude that likes Datsuns.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My first copy of Nostalgic Hero

Aug. 30, 2010.  Since I started my project to salvage the old family 510, I've been in sponge mode trying to get as much info as possible.  There's not much out there on store bookshelves about classic Japanese cars.  Here is a magazine that I have heard about from JNC(japanesenostalgiccar.com).  This magazine is called "Nostalgic Hero".  I'm super excited to have my first copy.  It's not a 1600/Bluebird/510 on the cover stories but there are a few snippets of 510's in this issue.  The magazine is mostly in Japanese but the pictures are of the best quality.  Here is a copy of the issue I purchased.

Along with this magazine, I also got a bit carried away and saw some issues of VIPstyle and VIPcar on the shelf, so I picked those up as well.  I love those VIP styled rides.

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