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My Datsun 510 is a work in progress. I was into Datsun's the day after I was born and this was the car literally rode in. So my interest in cars recently came about when I saw our family's old 510 rusting in a field for the past 25 years, until 2009 when I decided to take it on as my restoration project. Thought I'd start this blog about just different stuff that interests me (not just cars but hobbies too). This car is not for sale nor will it ever be for sale. *If your car is featured here against your wishes or you see incorrect information, please contact me at classicdatsuns@gmail.com , and I will make any necessary changes. Have fun viewing. I am not affiliated with any sponsors, company, or body shop. I'm just a dude that likes Datsuns.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion Police - "Z" shirt

AAhhh  Snap!  Check out this shirt that I got a few pics of.  I walked into a gift shop here in San Diego and randomly saw this shirt.  It retails at $62.00.  It's 100% Rayon button up short sleeve.  Made from a company called "Paradise Found".  What do you think?

I thought it was pretty cool to see those white accent marks actually turned out the be tire tracks with different treads.  Pretty cool.

JCCS 2010 Part 3

510 / Bluebird craziness!!  These are all pics of 510's at the show.  I was particularly interested in the 4 door 510's and started taking pics of tires specs for the 4 door 510's.  It's not clear though if these guys are using spacers or not or if they have stretched tires but hope you have fun looking at my pics.

That engine above is a FJ20 motor from a DR30 Skyline.  This car is a JCCS winner!  The owner came down from Washington state, Seattle area and took the show.  These pictures don't do any justice to the hard work done on the car.  It was immaculate!
Here's a link to an article about the car in motormavens:
I must have waited about 30 min just admiring everything about the car, hoping the owner would pop out of somewhere but never got a chance.  I love this car and this is exactly the color I'm going for or pretty close to it (don't think I'll be able to obtain rare Sakura rims though). =D 

Sitting next to the "Sakura 510" was this beautifully restored green (below) 1600cc L16 motor - 510.  From the pics the color looks almost the same but the shade made the green darker and the light made this look like it was neon green color. 

It was good meeting this fellow ratsun.net member at the show.  Very approachable and easy to talk to.  Lot's of Datsun knowledge and humor =P

 A cancerous rusty 510 wagon.  This is about the rustiest car I saw at the show and for some reason the car was beckoning me for a pic.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shinzo Auto Skyline KGC-10

I came across this nice looking ("Datsun/Nissan" formerly "Prince Automotive") Skyline KGC-10 near the Shinzo Automotive booth and got a chance to meet the owner of the car Mr. Ikedah and see a couple of products available through Shinzo.

Shinzo Auto Service
51 Auto Center Drive, Suite 27
Irvine, CA 92618

Owned and operated by Shinzo Ishii.
Mr. Hidee Ikeda made the drive all the way from Seattle with this KGC-10 Skyline.  He was nice enough to show me how a camber checker works and how you measure the vertical length and angle of your wheels.  
This G-nose S30 was looking really good in the Shinzo booth and it went along with the color scheme of their shop.  

Another product was the alignment checker which required the car to be on a flat smooth surface.  It was pretty cool to see these products available for home use.

Mr. Ikedah then was able to show me under the hood of his car.
Original inline 6,  L28 motor.  Looking pretty good.

Did I mention this car is for sale?  Can someone loan me $45,000+?

Friday, September 17, 2010

JCCS 2010 Part 2

Here is part two of my trip to JCCS.  ENj0Y!

Here's an owner proudly displaying his blue Datsun.

Above is an orange 70's Toyota Celica liftback. Havn't had enough orange-ness yet??
Below is an orange S30 (Datsun 240z) with all the goodies.

Nissan Skyline power.

This owner is using "Racing Hart C4" rims.  Enough clearance for the Wilwood calipers.
I use to own a set of C4's on my Honda Accord so I got excited when I saw these.  I even had my center caps too.

What a surprise!  Another orange S30 next to a green Datsun pick-up.  Is there a Kyusha Team Orange that I don't know about?

This guy made the drive from British Columbia with his little Honda hatch. When Civic's were infants =P.

It's bad luck to name a car a man's name.  Wonder if the licence plate is referring to the car or the owner.

Here are some vintage/retro race cars that Toyota brought to the show.  They still look like they can tear up a track in a heartbeat.

A Toyota model "T" hot rod truck??

This is a rare sight for me seeing this Mazda pickup.  Rotary power.

More of the "Wankelholics" rotary engine crew.

Here was the first booth I went to.  It was the Kameari booth. Here's an excerpt from their site:
"Established in 1978 and based in Tokyo, Japan, KAMEARI Engine Works specializes in manufacturing a line of high quality, proven products for classicToyota and Datsun/Nissan vehicles. With over 30 years of experience in classic car tuning, KAMEARI is the trusted choice of classic racers, tuners and restorers in Japan."

Kameari USA - Irvine, CA tel:949-336-6299

Toda Racing had a small setup at the show as well.  

I just think of the Speed Racer cartoon when I see this.

Here's a Hakosuka KGC10.  Early 70's model Skyline at the Shinzo booth.  More on this car and the owner later. =D

Turning to my right from shooting the Hakosuka, was this Bre Datsun 510.  I see so many of these graphics schemes copied, that its getting harder to tell the real from the replicas. I'm personally not a fan of the paint and graphics but it's still an early part of Japanese car racing in North America. Cool.

The Bre 510 come outfitted with an original L-series engine.  My eyes aren't trained enough to tell if this is an L16, L16b, or L18.  Beautiful engine work though.  I'd like to know what kind of radiator he's using, I should have checked.  I'm still gathering info getting ready for my 510 build.

Part 3 to follow soon.