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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JCCS 2010 Part 1

Ok. So I wonder how many pics can blogspot hold anyway.  Let's find out shall we??  First off, my day started with me waking up and picking up my friend Noel around 7:30am.  Gates open at 9am and we were already off to a late start.  I checked my tires before making the 2 hour drive and found only 12PSI!! in one of my back tires.  I need to change out the KUMHO's for newer tires.  Anyway we got there around 10am after stopping for McDonald's drive thru in National City and then at another McDonald's in Long Beach.  There wasn't alot of other people rolling in with us and the streets seemed relatively empty until we paid our ticket through the entrance of the Queen Marry and got into the parking lot.  After finding a spot right away, we noticed a huge line that was about 150 yards long.  So we got in line and right away noticed the pair of Skyline's side by side outside the gate.  One of them being my friend Mike's, GC10.  After the security checkpoint and paying for our tickets we immediately noticed the section was the 4AG Corolla's and the old school Hondas along with the 200SX's and Z31's.

These guys beat us to JCCS from San Diego.
This guy was all about L&L BBQ from Hawaii.  Nicely done job on his Corolla too.
Then I saw the engine, WHAT IN THE WORLD!!  IS THAT AN S2000 MOTOR!!

This guy came down from Washington representing 'Garage AutoHero'.  I love Work Equip01 rims. NICE!
Moving on...

Rear Wheel Drive Celica/Supra looking really good along side a later model Supra.

Here's a bright green Toyota Starlet next to a nice 1st gen AW11 Toyota MR2.  This Starlet looks really mean.

Somebody put alot of work into this restoration of this little Honda hatchback.  I'll edit this post later if I can find out if this is an S600, S800, or N600.

Quite possibly the cleanest (in every sense of the word) CR-X I ever laid eyes on.  I use to own an 88 CR-X and loved it.  This owner was even proud enough to have a dealer option printout on the front window.
These brightly colored Honda S600's, S800's and N600's really caught my eye.
Making the drive all the way from San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, was the Heartbreaker crew.  Henry's 200SX with a KA motor looking mean.  Hayashi Streets in the front and SSR MK3's in the rear.

Bosozoku inspired Toyota Cressida with exterior mount oil cooler.

Not sure of this model.  Info please?
Right Hand Drive imported Nissan Silvia

An older 200SX Turbo with the stock hood scoop.

I don't know who owned this but this 200SX had me blown away!!

What kind of engine is that??  Need a hint??

That's an RB26DETT (twin turbo) from a Skyline GT-R with some added goodies!! Looks like they had a hook-up from "UP Garage".  Not sure if it's the same affiliation with the same aftermarket mega store with various locations in Japan that have the same name

Bride seats, Takata harness, removable steering wheel and full trim interior.
Here's an older Silvia / 200SX with the bent toughguy/outlaw/badboy licence plate.

V6 engine. VG power.

With all this craze of 'HellaFlush', this owner proudly represents 'sortaflush' with the saying 'offset is something'.  =D

Here's a Cressida sitting on some Work rims.

Before moving on, I had to get a shot of this 1984 Datsun Z31.  Wish I could have seen more at the show.  Moving on to the grass area I saw these two Bre style Datsun's.  NICE!!

How did this guy make it in?  I guess if you're a booth, you can put anything your heart desires.  Subaru Forester STI.  Did they release a LHD Forester STI in the US?  I know they had one in the Philippines.  Did Canada have an LHD STI Forester maybe?  Either way, this is one bad SUV.

Stay tuned.  More pics of the show to come.

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