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Monday, September 20, 2010

Shinzo Auto Skyline KGC-10

I came across this nice looking ("Datsun/Nissan" formerly "Prince Automotive") Skyline KGC-10 near the Shinzo Automotive booth and got a chance to meet the owner of the car Mr. Ikedah and see a couple of products available through Shinzo.

Shinzo Auto Service
51 Auto Center Drive, Suite 27
Irvine, CA 92618

Owned and operated by Shinzo Ishii.
Mr. Hidee Ikeda made the drive all the way from Seattle with this KGC-10 Skyline.  He was nice enough to show me how a camber checker works and how you measure the vertical length and angle of your wheels.  
This G-nose S30 was looking really good in the Shinzo booth and it went along with the color scheme of their shop.  

Another product was the alignment checker which required the car to be on a flat smooth surface.  It was pretty cool to see these products available for home use.

Mr. Ikedah then was able to show me under the hood of his car.
Original inline 6,  L28 motor.  Looking pretty good.

Did I mention this car is for sale?  Can someone loan me $45,000+?

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