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My Datsun 510 is a work in progress. I was into Datsun's the day after I was born and this was the car literally rode in. So my interest in cars recently came about when I saw our family's old 510 rusting in a field for the past 25 years, until 2009 when I decided to take it on as my restoration project. Thought I'd start this blog about just different stuff that interests me (not just cars but hobbies too). This car is not for sale nor will it ever be for sale. *If your car is featured here against your wishes or you see incorrect information, please contact me at classicdatsuns@gmail.com , and I will make any necessary changes. Have fun viewing. I am not affiliated with any sponsors, company, or body shop. I'm just a dude that likes Datsuns.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trip To PI Preparation and Datsun Memorabilia

Up until now, I really haven't been in the garage much at all.  I want to get in there and remove the dash board but I'm super busy right now.  As I type this, I need to be weighing the luggage.  But, I wanted to make an update before my trip to the Philippines.   

Utilizing some resources and hoping to save on cost, I'm taking with me some car parts to get chromed in the Philippines.   California is so incredibly expensive and rare to chrome anything anymore.  I hear of a guy in Oceanside that chromes but I don't know if I have the time or money for what it's worth.  I'll wait till I save some money first and take my bumpers to get chromed there.   For now, I'm just taking my grill, headlight surrounds, side pillar vents, and USDM licence plate lamps.  I may not even get it done with my schedule but I think it's certainly worth a try.  

The grill is obviously too big for the box so I will try to bring it as a carry-on item.  The other item were each individually wrapped and placed in that plastic bag.  

A local trip to Walmart and I came across some 510's being sold so I bought a few.  I didn't buy all of them, just 3.  

Here is a photo of some memorabilia that my friend co-worker left in my cubby box at work.  He use to own a 510 station wagon, if I remember correctly.  He told me he still had some Datsun material and I had to ask if I could have it.  So I found it a few days later inside my cubbyhole box at work.  
Below is the original hardcover Chilton's manual along with the factory user's manual!!!

The Warranty And Service Booklet along with the Datsun Dealer List!!!   Simply Amazing!!   I had to look up the dealers in Oregon where I believe my car is originally from and living in southern California, I had to take a picture of the dealer listings in California as well.  (Click on photo to enlarge the picture.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update?: No Progress =( And Spotted A 510

So, pretty much what the title says. I haven't been in the garage in about a month.  Life has a tendency to get in the way but it's cool.  I left off a few weeks ago trying to remove the dashboard.  Some of that plastic is really brittle.  I would be so mad at myself if I broke anything.  I removed the glove box and wanted to take it to the Datsun museum in Murrietta, CA (about an hour from where I live) and have is signed by Mr. K of Datsun Japan and some of the original Datsun dealers in the US.  Unfortunately that didn't happen because after doing research, I sadly learned that the museum closed about a year ago in early 2011.  I had family in town so we made the drive to Temecula and did a bit of wine tasting for my birthday.  Good times with people I love most - the fam.


Close to a year ago, I was at the mall and spotted this 510 in the parking lot.  I had to pull over and take some photos.  Upon a closer look, I saw that it still had the black vinyl top, reupholstered white suede interior, and it was a '3 on the tree' 3spd column shifter.  Had to take some pics.  So here are those pics I took.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

S30 Valve Cover Project

Took a trip to the junkyard and scored these valve covers.  They both looked in pretty good shape so I'd thought I'd hone my skills.  I didn't want to start working on it till I had all the materials.  It was incredibly hard to find red wrinkle paint in my area.  I think I went to every automotive shop in my area with no luck.  I finally ended up ordering it online.
           Update on the progress of my 510, well not much really.  I was able to position the motor the right way on the engine stand at the end of October (about two and a half weeks ago).  Currently, I've been shopping around for shops to blast and powder coat the engine.  After that I'll take it to a shop to get rebuilt.  I'm still working on the body and stripping it down.  I'm kind of stuck on removing the dash at the moment.  Then I'll remove the throttle linkage and the brakes lines.  The brake lines are so seized up, I may have to simply cut them off and install new brake line tubing.  The master brake cylinder looks like it's a mixture of dirt and grease.
 I'll stop talking and start posting pictures of that valve cover now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Engine Deconstruction Pt 7 (engine out!!!)

I'm not trying to cut corners on this build but the planned day came where I had time set aside to work on my car and I wasn't going to let it go to waste.  I had an engine hoist (cherry picker) lined up but the deal fell through.  Fortunately my buddy Kenny (a 240Z owner) was awesome enough to still make the drive down to my place and we were agreed to try to remove it by hand.  He mentioned that he had helped removed his buddy's VG motor by hand (300zx motor) and that it was a 6 cylinder (bigger than mine) so he was under the impression it would go smoother than that.
           He arrived at about 5:30pm or so and I had just brought home some pizza so we just fueled up on pizza and water and about 45 minutes later we headed into the garage.  We started by taking the valve cover off (which I need to put back on).  And I had planned to remove the head before trying to lift it.  My friend simply wanted to lift the entire motor so we got started disconnecting the bolts that connect the block to the transmission.

The engine finally was shaken free from the transmission and resting on the cross member bar below.  That didn't sit well with me and I got some wooden block to protect the oil pan.

Right about now we were either balancing the engine or scratching our heads (and our butts) and trying to come up with better ways to get some height on the engine so placing a jackstand was one idea to keep the engine raised but that proved to be in-effective.
After much wiggling, the motor finally broke free from the transmission and I positioned myself inside the engine bay to lift the engine onto the front support beam.

Kenny is a monster.  I really appreciate how he came over when he could have been doing a million other things.  Thanks bro.

This deserves a thumbs up.   The engine was OUT and now resting on rubber tires in front of the car.

I hope this gets some likes on facebook.  hahaha

Now here was another tricky part of hooking it up to the engine stand.

We just couldn't get any height with our previous ideas so this was another of my genius inventions.  Things that didn't work was setting it on a foot stool, not high enough.  2 jack stands extended as high as they both can go with a wooden 2x2?? ... still not high enough.  How about a microwave inside a cardboard box on top of the foot stool???... too high.  So I finally came across wooden benches that I have in my backyard and we ended up putting the rubber tires to keep from smashing the oil pan.  

It's a little bit bouncy but we were able to place two of the top hex bolts into the holes then just dragged it out of the way.  Now I'm going to try to figure out how to bolt the two bottom two because I'm not sure about the position of the engine on the stand.   That's why its just sitting there on the bench till I figure something out.

So there is what a 510 engine bay looks like without an engine.  More engine bay cleanup on the way.

Shop-vac'd my area and cleaned the garage after Kenny left and time for shower and photo upload.  That's a rap for the night.  So from about 5:50pm till about 9:30pm was how long it took to remove.  All in a day's work.