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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Not-So-Popular Skylines C210/C211 77-81

I thought I'd do a little bit of research and post up some findings here.   Like many of my friend's, I'm in high hopes of someday owning and importing an older model car straight from Japan.  I was wondering why there's not too much info about the late 70's early 80's Skyline also known as the C210/C211.  Many want to import a Hakosuka, KenMeri, YonMari, and DR30's with FJ turbo motors.  Being realistic, those models are hard to find for under $10,000USD.  I seldom see articles about the generation before the DR30's.  The C210/C211.  These models can still be found around Japan for around that price or possibly cheaper due to their lack of popularity.  Here's some pics and info I found on the web.  The C210/C211 Skyline definitely has potential in the looks department.  Enjoy my findings.
 The C210/C211 were in production from 1977- 1981 and came in a 2 door 4 door and 5 door wagon variations.
The engines used were:
  • 1600TI - 1.6 L L16T I4, 95 hp (71 kW, 132 N m)
  • 1800TI - 1.8 L L18T I4, 115 hp (86 kW, 152 N m)
  • 2000GT-EL - 2.0 L L20E I6, 130 hp (97 kW, 167 N m)
  • 2000GT-EX - 2.0 L L20ET turbo I6, 145 hp (108 kW, 206 N m)
*The T does not mean turbo.  The only turbo model was the the GT-EX which did not come with any intercooler or blow-off valve.
^info and specs from Wikipedia

Not for the purists but OH SO MEAN!!!  BOSOZOKU!!!

This guy has the bosozoku victory pipe exhaust. 

^ A subtle and classy C211 sedan with rims and a slight drop.

The wood trim below really reminds me of the old Chrysler, Dodge wagons or older Jeeps.

A slammed C210 at a meet in Tasmania.  This guy is sporting the Y plate.  A trademark of a gaijin(foreigner) in Japan.

This slammed C210 is sporting deep dish gold Watanabes with fender flares and front lip.  Awesome combo!!!

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