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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AutoFashion USA 2010 Shop Show

This happened last November sometime.  I was able to make a little bit of it after I finished work and I'm so glad that I did.  I missed most of the show but still had the chance to see the cars on display.  I kept kicking myself in the butt knowing that I forgot my camera before left home that morning but my buddy Fidel told me I could upload some pics to show.

AutoFashion USA is one of the leaders of VIP styling in the US.  They offer exhausts, rims, suspension, and installation.  For things they can't do, they refer you to guys that can.  I walked in there for the first time and saw rims of old school and new school,  hanging on the wall above.  Just a bunch of all around cool knowledgeable staff willing to help you out with whatever project you may have.

If you read Modified Magazine, this GC10 Skyline belonging to a good friend of mine, just had a spotlight.  Swapped with a RB20DET and fitted with bronze color Watanabe rims.

There was this Mercedes sitting on the curb looking really nice with a lip kit and rims.  Don't know what kind though.

The rear lip of this Scion is sooo sweeeet.  I love the setup and the interior below is flawless diamond stitched.  

This Lexus belonged to another friend of mine.  Sadly this car won't be displayed in Southern Cali.  It's going on a long journey.  I can't wait till the owner unveils his new project.  I don't want to spoil it too much but it's a 'Kyusha'.  ssshhhhhhhh

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