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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trip To Oregon part 1

It's been about a week since I've been back from my trip and I was able to take a few pictures while I was there.  My Grandfather's house is seriously nestled in the woods but I love it.  I decided to go walk around and just take some pictures here and there.  Hope you enjoy.

I took this picture of a coyote walking around looking for food.  Later I saw he was traveling with another one.
Here's a picture of the 71 on the left and the 81 wagon on the right.  Datsun love.
The wagon is an awesome car.  It still runs but not that great.  That tailgate needs some TLC but how would I go about doing that?  Those tailgates are so hard to come by. 
Below is an interior shot of the 81.  It's not a good picture and I regret not taking a better one.
Here are some other car around the place.  These cars are so rusty that they're part of the landscape already. Like they're turned into plant holders.  It would be so challenging to get this International running again.

Here is what looks like a Model T or Model A in rat rod and rusty form.
After a little bit of research I found that this is actually an "International KB-7".  There was just over 33,000 manufactured by International Harvester Co.  They were released in the middle of 1947 and sold until 1949.  The engine is a 5 speed 6 cyl 100hp "Blue Diamond BLD-269".  This truck weighs in at nearly 5,515 pounds.  
I also found the remnants of a 4 door Plymouth rattled with bullet holes.  Used most likely for target practice once upon a time.
I did some poking around and found these plates inside the Plymouth.  Original Oregon plates!!  They were stuck together under the back seat.  Last tagged as Dec. 64.

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