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Monday, March 14, 2011

Trip To Oregon part 3 of 3

Here are more pictures with my trip to Oregon.  There she awaits me.  This project is going to get off the ground sooner or later.  The car is rolled in a pretty good position.  I sat in the drivers seat and steered while my dad towed it.  As I was steering, the original steering wheel literally crumbled and fell apart in my hand.  It was pretty sad.  The top part of the steering wheel basically fell off and all that is left is the metal bar that steering wheels are made of.  It looks naked on top.   We opened the trunk to clean it out and we found the belt sander (we were looking for that for the longest time) and removed a bunch of cleaner solutions and old news papers along with a lot of rat poop.  The black color at the bottom of the spare tire well in the trunk is the remnant of rat poop and I'm just thankful that it's not rust.  The trunk is actually pretty solid and the only sign of rust is on the rear left side where water dripped in.  This caused a rust hole a little bit smaller than a dollar in the floor and another separate one just below the tail light about the size of 3 US quarters.  Still making plans to get it down here one way or another though.
Stopped to eat at the Char Burger in the Gorge.  I never had a bacon egg hamburger till that day.  Pretty tasty and the restaurant has a lot of old pictures with history from around the area.  I give this place two greasy thumbs up.
Here I am just before leaving to Portland.  When I arrived I was pretty excited to see the 'Rose Garden' (home of the Portland Trailblazers).  I never spent a whole lot of time in Portland before but I really wish I could have spent more time there.  Below are pics of rainy Portland.
I spotted a faded mustard yellow Datsun pickup downtown.  Well maintained classic Japanese truck in the heart of downtown. 
Below are pictures that conclude my trip to Portland, Oregon.  This store is called 'Compound' and it was a 1 story store of mostly clothes, hats, and shoes with a loft full of art and artists works.  The guy at the counter let me take pics of the shop as long as I didn't photograph the artwork.  I fell in love with the shoes they had available.  
Well hope you all had fun viewing.  This will conclude my trip to Oregon.

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