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My Datsun 510 is a work in progress. I was into Datsun's the day after I was born and this was the car literally rode in. So my interest in cars recently came about when I saw our family's old 510 rusting in a field for the past 25 years, until 2009 when I decided to take it on as my restoration project. Thought I'd start this blog about just different stuff that interests me (not just cars but hobbies too). This car is not for sale nor will it ever be for sale. *If your car is featured here against your wishes or you see incorrect information, please contact me at classicdatsuns@gmail.com , and I will make any necessary changes. Have fun viewing. I am not affiliated with any sponsors, company, or body shop. I'm just a dude that likes Datsuns.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 510 Fuel Tank

Went into the garage and got my hands a little dirty today.  Decided that I would start messing around with the fuel tank and see how difficult it is to remove.  Didn't quite finish the job as I needed to get ready for work.  But took some pictures for you all to see what the job entails.  I didn't expect to start on this until I found my Haynes manual but I jumped the gun and got started.  I also ordered a new Haynes manual through the mail.  Should be here next week sometime.  The pictures kind of tell the story and I'm happy with my progress so far.
This was the cover wall made of cheap press board along with a tray at the top for storage.  Decided to take it out and set it aside.  Everything is so greasy.

The other side of the cover revealed either jellified gasoline or grease that made it's way down from the tray.  Gross either way.

Started to WD40 everything but it wasn't as bad as I thought. 

I found a crack on the main inlet hose.   If you click on the above photo to expand, you will see how bad it really is.

 Now I only saw two hex bolt on both sides of the tank.  I removed those bolt and undid the piping and all this white powder residue came out but I was far from finished.  The tank wouldn't budge.  

I removed the back seat and took out another press board cover.  

The front of the tank also had two more hex bolts which I removed.  Then I removed another smaller line at the top(see photo number 4 top left side of tank) and also the yellow wire sensor line.  The culprit of my frustration were these two little lines at the rear. 

Trying to fit a screw driver for the upper one was a real pain.  These two little lines just wouldn't budge.  

Decided to take a break and label my hex bolts.  Each pair are different sizes and I didn't want to return not knowing where each bolt goes.

Decided to leave the job for another time.  I also want to paint one of the lines and it's connector so I don't get them confused.  That's for another day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

On The Grind

Decided to work on the car a little bit.  Got busy with cutting the exhaust off.   My buddy Joe came over and helped with taking the exhaust piping off.   The header is still attached but before I got busy, I decided to play around with my camera a little bit.

Decided to take the valve cover off and see how bad it was.  It actually wasn't that bad under there.  I have no idea if the timing chain is actually timed or not.  I still can't find that Haynes manual.

The next order of business is getting that Haynes manual and trying to work on the brakes and get some stopping power.  Along with that, I'd like to remove the fuel tank and clean it out. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Stuff Going On

Like the title says.  I haven't been doing much.  Just busy with work and home and church life.  Here are some pictures.
Here's the latest t-shirt I bought from my church (Calvary Chapel San Diego) for a good cause.  I love the design and the money raised is to help out people affected areas in and around Sendai prefecture to help out where needed.  If you would like a shirt, please contact me through email classicdatsuns@gmail.com and I can send you more info and get you in touch directly with the seller or whatever.

Decided to doodle a 510 and go shakotan with some Work Equip 01 rims.  Looks like a chopped Bluebird huh?  eh, oh well.

Picked up a Japanese magazine specifically highlighting the 510 for issue number 1!!  SWEEEETT!!!  Everything is in Japanese but when I got home, I started seeing some Southern California owners that I've come to know, featured in the magazine with their photos surrounded in Japanese writing and car history(I'm assuming).  How cool is that??  

Not as expensive as I thought, I decided to pick up this 4" angle grinder.  Paid about 25 dollars for it on top of a 2 year warranty from "Harbor Freight".  My other option was the 4.5" angle grinder which was on sale for $12 but it didn't come with a blade and was less powerful.  Planning on cutting my exhaust off because I stripped the only bolt holding it the the header(told myself 'way to go genius'[rolls eyes]).  Everything is rust morphed solid to the header anyway and is crumbling away as I'm working on it at the same time.  No chance in saving any part of the exhaust. I'll be sure to keep posting.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Assessment and Cleanup

I had a couple of hours to put in today.  Decided it's best to see where I stand on rust and repair-ability(don't know if that's even an actual word).  I started with the shop-vac and just getting everything out of the car.  From the pics you can see the front bumper, grill, a tire among other things just sitting in there.  Decided to pull them out and suck up all the flies, wasps, dead mud-dobbers, and bugs from the dash board.  I accidentally hit the rear view mirror so the plastic housing shattered into a million pieces.  The mirror part stayed in tact though.

I stripped all the vinyl roof cover off the car.  I think over time, it did more harm than good.  Also removed the chrome pillar vents, labeled and taped the screws to go with them. I always felt it's a good idea to have stuff labeled.  I'm not expert enough to simply memorize where things go and throw everything into a box. 

I don't know why but I just wanted to Armor-all the back seat to see how it looked.  Dreaming while cleaning.  Doesn't look too bad though.

That's probably the first time I've seen the dash with no bugs!!  Even as a kid, I always remember bugs being there.

Something needs to be done about that rust and those holes.  A few of those tail light plastic surrounds need to be replaced also.  Some of the plastic is broken and shattered.

After tidying the inside a little bit, I moved on to the engine bay with the shop-vac.
Decided there is no need or a 25 year old battery so I pulled it and decided to paint the battery clamp red just so I know which one is which.  I'll probably replace the clamp and those lines anyway.  

Took this out of the passenger seat.  Also decided to clean the battery tray while I'm at it.

That brake cylinder looks like it's made of stone.  I wonder how hard it will be to fix.  Might end up replacing the whole thing.  Those nuts and bolts don't look to good.

Some loose pieces just floating around engine bay.  Decided to shop-vac all that dirt.  Basically all hoses are dried crusty.  Some even with holes and crumbles when i touched it. I'll see if I can still save the motor though being that it's all I have for now.  I'll have put the car on jacks to remove the fuel tank and see how that looks like.  That's for a later date. 

I still can't find my Haynes Manual.  I have no idea where I put it.  I did buy one though.  I don't want to drop the fuel cell without having it around.