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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 510 Fuel Tank

Went into the garage and got my hands a little dirty today.  Decided that I would start messing around with the fuel tank and see how difficult it is to remove.  Didn't quite finish the job as I needed to get ready for work.  But took some pictures for you all to see what the job entails.  I didn't expect to start on this until I found my Haynes manual but I jumped the gun and got started.  I also ordered a new Haynes manual through the mail.  Should be here next week sometime.  The pictures kind of tell the story and I'm happy with my progress so far.
This was the cover wall made of cheap press board along with a tray at the top for storage.  Decided to take it out and set it aside.  Everything is so greasy.

The other side of the cover revealed either jellified gasoline or grease that made it's way down from the tray.  Gross either way.

Started to WD40 everything but it wasn't as bad as I thought. 

I found a crack on the main inlet hose.   If you click on the above photo to expand, you will see how bad it really is.

 Now I only saw two hex bolt on both sides of the tank.  I removed those bolt and undid the piping and all this white powder residue came out but I was far from finished.  The tank wouldn't budge.  

I removed the back seat and took out another press board cover.  

The front of the tank also had two more hex bolts which I removed.  Then I removed another smaller line at the top(see photo number 4 top left side of tank) and also the yellow wire sensor line.  The culprit of my frustration were these two little lines at the rear. 

Trying to fit a screw driver for the upper one was a real pain.  These two little lines just wouldn't budge.  

Decided to take a break and label my hex bolts.  Each pair are different sizes and I didn't want to return not knowing where each bolt goes.

Decided to leave the job for another time.  I also want to paint one of the lines and it's connector so I don't get them confused.  That's for another day.

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