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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fuel Tank pt 2 and Back Seat Cleanup

I've just been soOOOOOOO busy lately with hardly anytime to work on my car, let alone sleep, or eat a bowl of Life cereal.  Redoing a condo on a time limit is seriously no joke and wanting to spend time just chilling with family from out of town had to be put off.  I'm done though.  Finally at 11:30pm I decided to get my butt in the garage.  I missed out on one of the coolest meets of the season with Hako's and KenMary in attendance =(.   I had to be elsewhere doing stuff I couldn't put off.  *sigh*

As I said, I tried to cheer myself up by getting back into the garage.  Here's some of the progress I made around midnight.
I was finally able to remove those two hose connected toward the front part of the fuel tank.  I also took a minute to label one of the hoses and nozzle with a can of white spray paint. 

^ Fuel tank 'OUT'!!

I was thinking what next and decided to might as well take the back seat out.  Much to my surprise, it was a rats den.  Lifting up the back lower seat revealed the worst infestation, I have ever seen in a car.  It didn't look pretty.  It didn't really smell too bad but I was more concerned for my health and the health of others.  Dried rat poop is pretty toxic stuff and if it's inhaled, there are certain diseases that you're at risk of catching.  

Before going any further, I went for my respirator and put on a beanie.  

A moldy mummified field mouse.

The mummy mouse.

Here was the mouse droppings and eaten material I collected in a small trash can.  I estimate about 4 pounds.

I wanted to hit it with my shop vac but, I don't know if my family and neighbors would understand at 1am.  I was able sweep it somewhat and got down to the sound deadening material.  I hope it's not bad under there.  

Keep checking for more updates.

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