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Friday, July 15, 2011

Slow Going

So I had a little bit of cash in my pockets and I decided to score a few parts here and there and just start collecting different stuff I needed.  Took a friend and fellow 510 owner's advise and also decided to get a little bit more organized and buy a clear plastic container to hold all the stuff I'm taking off the car.  I've been pretty good at labeling parts with tape and a sharpie but keeping it all in one place would make things easier to find.  The plastic bin set me back $20.00 USD.  I'd like to take things a step further and organize my tool box but that's a full day's project by itself.  Might need a bigger tool box with the tools I'm buying also.

Here's what I've done in the past few days but wasn't able to post it up.

My goal that day was to remove the interior carpet but to do that, I had to get busy with removal of the step panel thingy's for lower rear door sills (not sure what they're called).  The carpet was installed underneath those lower aluminum door sill plates and I really wanted to take that carpet out but needed those door plate sills out of there first.

To remove the carpet, I also needed to remove the seat belts.  Both the driver's and passenger side shoulder belts were attached to a small hook screw and needed to be disconnected before the carpet would come out.   The above picture is the picture of the small pin I removed from the seat belt latch to disconnect each belt.

With both lower door step sills removed, I thought I would clean them up a little bit with a steel brush and some steel wool.

Well, I started tearing up the carpet but it's just one thing after another.  Found out the carpet in the rear isn't the same as the carpet up front and it's laid over the rear carpet. 
Problem:  The front carpet is laid over the rear carpet. 
Solution:  Take out the front carpet first.
How to do it:  The air vents up front below the dash and front step panel sills will need to be removed before carpet comes out.

So I had a little bit of time and money to put toward the build and figured I would invest in an engine stand from Harbor Freight.  I checked online for coupons but I couldn't find any and I'm not a Harbor Freight member either.  SSSooooo I picked up this bad boy for $69.00 USD.  It's a 1000lb pound engine stand.  The other one at the store was a 750lb pound stand but I wasn't liking the 3 wheel set up.  I wanted to have 4 wheels instead of 3.  I'm pretty excited about getting it but in the back of my mind, I wanted to paint it a different color. Perhaps if I have time.

Next up on my Datsun-To-Do list:

-Remove rear bumper
-Remove interior air vents below the dash and door sills
-Remove front carpet
-Remove rear carpet
-Remove seats
-Make another to-do list after that's all done.

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