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Monday, August 29, 2011

Engine Deconstruction Pt 1

Ok, I'm finally getting this blog up to speed and I simply went in the garage last night and got busy with removing the radiator.  I may need a new one but we'll see what the radiator shop says.
One of the main reasons starting this blog is not only to show friends and family progress on my car but also documentation.  I could always come back and refer to the photos if I question where each part belongs.  If you find the photos a bit excessive, please excuse me.

Crud and rust, everywhere in the hoses.  This was just the beginning. 

I had a bolt from the radiator fan shroud decide to come apart the unconventional way.  Two bolts unbolted just fine.  This one tore apart and the fourth and final bolt of the fan shroud was a no show(missing in action).

The fan shroud and the top radiator hose.

The hose on the bottom of the radiator connects to the block.  I basically gave up on trying pull the entire hose off.  I took my trusty box cutter and started slicing into the hose.  Everything was just so brittle but when I opened the hose, it was filled with all this rust mixed with white powder.  It's crazy what 25 years of sitting will do to a car.

I finally got to remove the four bolts that hold the actual radiator.  After that was done, I simply lifted the radiator out of the engine bay.  I think there was some work done on the radiator before.  I know my dad's car was never wrecked but seeing all kinds of dents and indentations on the radiator was pretty disappointing.  I feel like the radiator was taken to a shop before and wasn't really cared for after noticing dents on both sides of the radiator.  None of the dents really line up to components inside the engine bay.  Could I have done this when I was a kid??

More crud inside the brittle radiator hose at the bottom.
Rusted and busted hose connectors. =(

Dipstick hose holder and water hose (I really don't know the proper names for these things).

Taking out the distributor and distributor cap.

Removing more hoses that relay to the carboreteur. 

More pieces that came out.

Then there's this thing I took out.

Alternator bracket/brace.

It was already midnight and I was getting tired but here's where I called it quits for the night.  
You can't expect everything to go perfect can you?  How fun would that be if it did? 

I felt like doing more and more but then when it came down to removing the exhaust manifold, the two bolts in the center gave way and snapped off.  

 I'll save this part for another day.  For the meantime, I'll be charging the battery for my drill and perhaps buy another drill if needed.  I'm wondering if my angle grinder can be put to good use in these situations.  I may not need to use a drill after all.  Haven't decided yet what I'll do.  We'll see.

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