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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Engine Deconstruction Pt 2 - Manifold and Carb Removal

So I hit the garage today with a few hours to kill and was pretty determined to remove the carb and manifold.  I successfully had set out what I accomplished and then some.

It turns out that I didn't have to use a drill or angle grinder.  Those two bolts that I broke were part of the manifold piping so that was a big sigh of relief.

Just thought I'd take a picture of the sized of the washer between the bolt on top verses the bolt on the bottom.  Those washers are nearly twice or 3x thicker than the conventional washers.

I had only about 1 click for my socket wrench to work with.  It was pretty crammed in that area.

The two 'hard to get' bolts underneath.

I just kept un-screwing bolt after bolt and on my last one the carb fell on my hand and I barely caught it then held it up and grabbed my camera with the other hand to take a picture.  

I still needed to undo these wires first but I finally got it!!

Next was the manifold.  That rusty thing.

I noticed this pipe with a screw sticking in it surrounded by what appears to be glue gunned together.  haha

There it is, leaving all kind of rust piles in my driveway.

Then I removed the fan and the fan bell mount.  Label labels labels.

Here's where I started to label these electrical wires I unhooked as well. 

More labels and then I found this wire that is connected to the heater box.  It was simply square knotted and not connected to anything else.  Found it pretty weird but it starts behind the heater pulley.  I'll have to research it's purpose.

These two hoses from the A/C box were such a pain to remove.  But after about 20 min of trying to remove them and another 20 minutes of just staring at them, I just thought to myself, I'll be replacing all the hoses anyway, so I took my box cutter to them both.  The first one was hard to cut.  Then I went to retrieve my hack saw for the second one and it was much easier to remove than using a razor blade.

And there it is for now.  It's slowly coming along, little by little.  

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