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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Rides - Spotted in NorCal

My sister spotted these two Datsuns around the Vacaville area of California.

(Thanks for sending them to me sis.  PS. Can you buy me a wood grain and chrome Nardi steering wheel for my birthday??  just kidding by the way.)

This first picture is a USDM 4 dr Datsun 510 sedan.  The chrome looks really shiny and no rust areas. It's a cell phone picture so you won't tell unless you're up close.  I noticed the side molding found on early 510's and also the European versions(if I'm not mistaken). They even have the molding at the bottom of the doors.  Looks like someone really loves their car (and they should).

Here's a 280ZX that she snapped a picture of.  Also known as the S131.  These models were the first to unveil a turbo charged engine in the Z line.

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