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Saturday, November 19, 2011

S30 Valve Cover Project

Took a trip to the junkyard and scored these valve covers.  They both looked in pretty good shape so I'd thought I'd hone my skills.  I didn't want to start working on it till I had all the materials.  It was incredibly hard to find red wrinkle paint in my area.  I think I went to every automotive shop in my area with no luck.  I finally ended up ordering it online.
           Update on the progress of my 510, well not much really.  I was able to position the motor the right way on the engine stand at the end of October (about two and a half weeks ago).  Currently, I've been shopping around for shops to blast and powder coat the engine.  After that I'll take it to a shop to get rebuilt.  I'm still working on the body and stripping it down.  I'm kind of stuck on removing the dash at the moment.  Then I'll remove the throttle linkage and the brakes lines.  The brake lines are so seized up, I may have to simply cut them off and install new brake line tubing.  The master brake cylinder looks like it's a mixture of dirt and grease.
 I'll stop talking and start posting pictures of that valve cover now.


Gilbert said...

Love that red. It pops! I found a great powder coating shop. Local for us too. Maybe you heard of them already, Quality Powder Coating in Chula Vista. They do all kinds of stuff including the wrinkle red and ceramic for headers, etc.

Drive510 said...

Good looking out. That's such a coincidence man. I have a flyer for them sitting on my engine in the garage. Left a message on Saturday but haven't heard from them. I may just roll down there first and check out their shop. QP came recommended by some of the lowrider Impala guys. I hope I can get my engine first then take my axles and suspension over there another time.