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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trip To PI Preparation and Datsun Memorabilia

Up until now, I really haven't been in the garage much at all.  I want to get in there and remove the dash board but I'm super busy right now.  As I type this, I need to be weighing the luggage.  But, I wanted to make an update before my trip to the Philippines.   

Utilizing some resources and hoping to save on cost, I'm taking with me some car parts to get chromed in the Philippines.   California is so incredibly expensive and rare to chrome anything anymore.  I hear of a guy in Oceanside that chromes but I don't know if I have the time or money for what it's worth.  I'll wait till I save some money first and take my bumpers to get chromed there.   For now, I'm just taking my grill, headlight surrounds, side pillar vents, and USDM licence plate lamps.  I may not even get it done with my schedule but I think it's certainly worth a try.  

The grill is obviously too big for the box so I will try to bring it as a carry-on item.  The other item were each individually wrapped and placed in that plastic bag.  

A local trip to Walmart and I came across some 510's being sold so I bought a few.  I didn't buy all of them, just 3.  

Here is a photo of some memorabilia that my friend co-worker left in my cubby box at work.  He use to own a 510 station wagon, if I remember correctly.  He told me he still had some Datsun material and I had to ask if I could have it.  So I found it a few days later inside my cubbyhole box at work.  
Below is the original hardcover Chilton's manual along with the factory user's manual!!!

The Warranty And Service Booklet along with the Datsun Dealer List!!!   Simply Amazing!!   I had to look up the dealers in Oregon where I believe my car is originally from and living in southern California, I had to take a picture of the dealer listings in California as well.  (Click on photo to enlarge the picture.)

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