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Monday, January 16, 2012

Back From Philippines - random pics

Well we're back from the Philippines.  Had a pretty cool trip.  It's been a week, but I'm still recovering from jet lag.  It hit me pretty hard, just not being able to sleep and at times waking up at 4am and so on.  I think I'm back on schedule now.

Had a good time spent with family and friends as well as meeting new friends.  Didn't spend too much time doing car stuff (as much as I wanted to), and I think we were only downtown Manila twice to go shopping at the malls.  I keep hearing about 'Banawe Ave' but I still haven't made it there yet.  Banauwe Ave. is a street section of Quezon City, Manila where someone would go for anything car related.  Although I never made it there, I was able to take a few interesting car pics and I'll post some other pics as well.

I finally found 5 Kenmary Skylines but I could only afford 4 of them =(.  I needed to get more money after this purchase.  I was happy with the 4 though.  NICE!!

I know that these aren't the greatest photos.  I was armed with a point and shoot that gets a little lazy at times and when I want it to take a photo, it will decided to focus in and out and then flash red and its like it needs to do a dance before snapping a photo.  

3rd world.  This is it.

Our hired daily driver.  A Toyota Hiace.

At the boat terminal waiting for an available banana boat to Boracay island.

This guy caught a fish and started cooking his lunch on the back of the small banana boat charter we used to get to Boracay.

A popped blister needed some TLC on my foot.  Band aides just wouldn't stick so I made my own from my bandana.

ATV'n with my little one.

Mint Kit Kat.  Tastes so good.

Boracay Island, Philippines.

Massive shrimp.

Roast pig.  aka Lecheon(don't know how to spell it).

These guys are professional machete pig choppers.  Check out all the meat they were able to get off that thing.

SM mall in Rosario, Cavite, Philippines.

Tagaytay view from horse riding place.

I saw this guy in his helmet.  Just thought it was too funny so I had to get a pic.

There were times where I was pretty happy to make a trip to Jollibee.

Turkey in the Philippines?

Fresh Spring rolls and clamansi juice.  Yum.

My camera was acting up and wouldn't focus right but I saw this dog in Tagaytay and he was nearly bald.  It reminded me of the ugly dog contest that they have in the US.  I think this dog could have been in the top 3.

Finally after we left the Philippines we stopped in Korea.  I needed power to charge my stuff.  I was so relieved to see them using 110(same as in the US) but when I opened an outlet at the airport, I was shocked to find this,  I can't plug it in because the different prongs. =(

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