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Monday, February 20, 2012

Front Steering Linkage and Suspension Removal 2-17-12

In order to easily(yeah right) slide the transmission out, there was the steering link bar that was kind of in the way.  Each of the steering link bolts were held on by cotter pins and then 40 years of dirt and grease made things a little bit of a challenge on top of that. My best tools for this job was a steel brush, pair of pliers, and a wire cutter wrench.  The best way I went about it was to brush the grease off each bolt, then straighten out the cotter pins with the pliers and try to push it back through, and then use the wire cutter wrench to pinch the folded end of the cotter pin enough to lever and twist it out of there.  Well got things unbolted and then also disconnected the control arms from the struts.   Then I dropped the struts and springs and cut the rubber brake line(which I will need to replace later).  I'm starting to think I can salvage the original brake lines and blow compressed air through the lines then polish the outside.  The key thing is to SAVE EVERYTHING!  So here are i-phone photos that I'm using until I can find our point and shoot digital camera.

*note to self - save the effort and buy a breaker bar. Some of those bolts were on so tight.

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