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Friday, February 10, 2012

No Camera - No Bueno

         I properly named this blog post in Spanish.  I know enough Spanish to converse and keep me alive in a Spanish speaking country but that's besides the point.  For those of you that only know English - it's translated: "No Camera - Not Good".
          My camera has been missing in action now for about 2 weeks and I haven't been able to take photos so I'll try my best to describe what I've been doing.
           I've put off removing the rest of the dashboard for now and the front end of the car is jacked up off the ground sitting on 2 jackstands.  I concentrated on removing the transmission and it seems like I can simply lift it out of there but I think I'd rather drop the transmission than lift it.  Anyway, it's kinda sagging and there are some suspension components in the way.  So I removed both front tires and this morning I was able to remove the front sway bar this morning and I'm planning on taking out the rest of the suspension later when I have some time.  Being a father certainly takes up most of my free time though and it's not like I can hit the garage anytime but I'm trying to take my time and get things done right.  Hopefully these parts will be powder coated pretty soon...AND I HOPE TO HAVE MY CAMERA SOON, so I'll keep posting and let you all know what's happening.

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