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Friday, April 27, 2012

Interior Dash & Pedal Removal (4/15 - 4/26 - 2012)

I haven't posted in a couple weeks but here are some pictures from a week and a half ago till now.  The dash is my main focus right now and it's a pain working in such tight areas of the car.  Anyway this is what has been going for nearly the last two weeks.  I really don't think my A/C is going to survive this rebuild.  I'm still saving all the parts just in case though.  You never know.

More electrical labeling.  Seems like those wires never end.  I can't even imagine working on a present day car.

Finally I removed the dashboard!!!!!  Now moving on to other stuff like removing the A/C box fan blower.

Now with that out of the way, I can see I'm going to need to scrape more of the sound deadening material there.


I finally removed the clutch and brake pedal.  I had to use a #17 on my socket wrench set to remove a bolt on each side.  The clutch came out easy.  The brake pedal was not so easy.  The bolt looks like it's screws out clockwise.  I labeled this as the reverse brake pedal bolt.  It took a few turns till I realized that I was crushing the washer beneath.  *note to self - it's probably the only bolt on the car that's different.

So here is how it looks now.  after I take everything out, I'm really going to start cleaning things up inside.  I'm also going to need to figure out how to make a storage space for all these parts.  

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