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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Little Motivation

            Money is certainly a huge motivator but I also draw motivation from other areas as well.  Well let's also call it inspiration.
           I was recently on a Datsun forum lurking on the build threads and seeing some real pieces of work.  Guys that are SOOOO detailed in making sure that parts are polished to shine if anyone ever looked in that spot.  That is exactly how I want my build to move, at a million miles an hour and making updated posts like everyday of my progress.  Unfortunately that's not what's going on.  I did, however, manage to spend an hour or two in the garage tonight and thought I might try to spruce things up.  I planned to carefully use an angle grinder on the under engine dust cover.  I should have planned to hit the garage earlier because the angle grinder is just so loud to be running at 10pm.  I really don't want to get complaints from neighbors about stuff like that.  Well I decided to sand by hand with 80 grit sandpaper....a little progress but not as much as I would have liked.
            An hour went by with little progress.  'Who am I kidding?!'  I really need a disk sander, so I see that the Harbor Freight website has one for about $49.00.  =(  That's about 30 more than what I have in my wallet.  I'm also needing a new weed wacker/edger.  Seems that our little Black and Decker weed trimmer only has a 10 min battery life on it now.  Doesn't do me any good.  I also received a quote from a Car Restoration place today and they told me for an average car to get bead blasted, it will cost close to $2000.  They also do metal fabrication for a rate of $95 an hour.  I wonder what I can get for a kidney....just kidding.                                    
            I searched all over the web and to my knowledge there is only one place in California in the town of Santa Ana, that chemical dips cars.  The only problem is that people would complain of acid seeping through the cracks throughout the years and people would need new paint jobs after a while.  ....meanwhile, my quest to defeat rust continues.

Here's a cool video to keep you all entertained, of these guys in the New York state area that uncover a Pontiac GTO that's been sitting for 30 years (sounds pretty familiar...yes?). I think the tow truck driver looks like Christopher Walkin.  Yes, No?  I know it's old but still a cool vid.  Unfortunately I can't find any updates of the car.  The entire video is them pulling the car on the trailer.  How cool though to find a GTO in the woods.

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