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Monday, May 14, 2012

Steering Column Out

I'm almost down to bare metal!!!   I was able to take out the steering column, the clutch cylinder, master brake cylinder.  I'm a bit frustrated with stripped screws.  My drill has been working pretty hard trying to get screws out.  I'll be picking up a few parts but this project is not going as fast as I would like.
After stripping one rust fused screw end on a brake line I decided to use bolt cutters to cut the brake lines and get both cylinders(brake & clutch) out.  The bolt cutter was money well spent.  I not only used it on brake lines but I also used it on some stubborn bolts and screws.  I guess it will just be better to replace the lines rather to use the existing lines.

^This firewall is going to be tricky because what you are actually looking at is a cover plate for a drain where those two thin rusty vertical lines are.

Here's the steering column and pedal assembly support.

The steering wheel. Unbolted from firewall but not yet pulled out.

It's looking a little bit cleaner now.

There's so many miscellaneous nuts and bolt and broken glass inside there that needs to be picked up and sorted through

Things that I need to have done are taking apart the rear cross-member frame to get powder coated and possibly find someone to zinc plate parts for the rear drums, send my brakes off to get re-furbished and zinc plated, need some front quarter panels, then u-haul the body to get bead blasted and epoxy primered.  I'm still collecting parts for the motor and I found a pretty good shop to work on the motor for about $1000.  The carb is going to cost about $200 to tune and replace seals so I'm slowly getting an idea of how deep this project is going to cost.